License Plates by Makes

This is the start page for finding license plates, sorted by makes. The pages are per nationality of the makes, so f.i. all the Italian makes together. The cars are sorted alphabetically, first per make (see also the list on top) then by type, then by Chassis number. The sorting method puts blank entries on top. Lastly for the same car, these are sorted automatically by year. Car types are therefore not chronologically, but strictly alphabetically. Also when a car changes hands more than once within one year, only the year is listed, and the sorting may be at random.

Watch out, depending on your internet connection, the larger pages (British, Italian, French and German) may load slowly. They are worth it. The most interesting info is on these pages.

For explanation about what means what, see the Legenda page.

Last update: 20-11-2010
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