Eh, yes, acknowledgements. Too many to mention of course. The information on this site has been collected over a period of more than 35 years from the books and magazines in my collection, which would fill pages and pages just to mention them. And in recent years, the internet as well. Therefore I will just mention my main suppliers for all those books; and the magazines in my collection come from about everywhere. When double checking all the data on this site before first publication, it appeared that 98% could be found in my books, so magazines and internet had still only played a minor supporting role. That is changing for subsequent editions of course. When I look now, it may be already a quarter coming from the internet, plus more which doubles up information that I already had in my database.

But there is one name that I have to mention because he is just as mad as I am in collecting all kind of data about sports car races. He is my friend Martin Krejci from the Czech Republic, and he can be found at The information on my site merely hints at the results these cars and drivers have achieved. For full results of those races, there is no better place to find out what happened than at his site. One day I hope to meet him in person, just to talk about our love for sports car racing.
And for the stories about the races, there is one book that just about says it all concerning World Championship races. That is Time And Two Seats by Janos Wimpffen. If you haven't seen it, you miss something. It is amazing, baffling and essential.
One other book has been invaluable at identifying what all those license plates mean. That is Europlate's Registration plates of the world, by Neil Parker, John Weeks and Reg Wilson. Without this book, this work would not have been possible. It may be 10 years old now, but the period under consideration is fully covered. Without this book I could have collected all this data, but never understood which is which, nor could I have detected obvious errors, like license plates claimed to be seen before they could have existed. Of course, this information is starting to appear on the internet too, nowadays.

The Shops where I have bought the main part of my collection are all in the Netherlands. They are:

Autobook International, Herfordstraat 7 Deventer, The Netherlands. On the web at A vast collection and a cool shop, if you happen to be in the area. The first motoring bookshop I found in the Netherlands, almost 35 years ago now, and still one of my favourites

Autoland Hilversum, Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat 239. On the web at Still going strong after the sudden death of Don Koeman, and always a favourite for recent releases. Also Superb for models.

AutoNet classic & racing in Zundert. Hofdreef 42, on the web (this page in dutch) at An excellent collection. Both recent and older books. And that smile behind the counter. Vaut un Détour as the Michelin guides describe sights like these.

Other worthwhile outlets, which I never miss when I am in the area, and usually leave several pounds lighter and both one or more books and a few smiles richer, are:

Motor Books, London, now closed but still on the web: A classic and well stocked bookshop, in the centre of London. I never miss it, when I'm in London, and have found many otherwise unavailable books there.

Autostadt, Volkswagenwerk, Wolfsburg. In the Museum, they have an excellent bookshop which stocks an impressive amount of out-of-print books. Not cheap, but that is better than not available at all. I have collected my last two new cars directly from the factory, and everytime I came away with books I wasn't even aware they existed. On the web, you can find them at Recommended!

I have no connection with these shops other than as a satisfied customer.

Other books I have used are now long out of print, or come from shops that no longer exist. Or you may live in a different area, where other shops are handier. Here you are on your own in trying to hunt them down. Happy hunting.

If you want to know what source I have used for some specific info on this site, please don't hesitate to ask me. Mail me at .

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