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The site dedicated to "license plates on sportscars while racing" is under construction.

This site is dedicated to sportscar racing enthusiasts that like race statistics and are interested in car histories, chassis numbers, and license plates. Also to Picture collectors who want to now who is who and which is which.

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Latest updates:
30 May 2004 - new: The whole site live for the first time
1 September 2004 - new: Some updates, references to sources added
20 November 2010 - Finally taken the time to include the lots of extra information that appeared since 2004
21 April 2014 - New info on Bugattis and Delahayes. Plus a major update as well.

If you have some additional information on license plates used, especially in the same classes described on this site, please contact me at [ ]
If you have a substantial amount of data on f.i. the World Rallye Championship, please contact me too for a possible merging of data.

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