This is my attempt at publishing License information on the World Wide Web. There is no guarantee that this information is correct. Of course I have tried my best to have it as correct as humanly possible, but information from others still has to be added, and this is merely what I have found.

Besides, the information contained in these pages is only intended to inform you about license plates seen on cars when they were current racing cars, to make it possible to identify cars from photographs etc. No attempt is made to follow car's careers after they ended being current, modern racing cars. There is no guarantee whatsoever that a car wearing a certain license plate is the same car as one you see today wearing the same or a similar license plate. So in no way does any information on this site imply anything about the value of an old racing car today.

By listing a car plus license plate combination here, I only intend to inform you about the fact that this combination has been seen at least once, and that a substantial amount of motoring historians are convinced that we are talking about the car with this identity. This does not mean that the car in fact was legally entitled to use this license plate, merely that if you have a photograph of this race, and the license plate matches, then you can be reasonably sure that you have a photograph of this car.

With current racing car, it is intended to mean that the car still is, or could be, racing in a main stream racing series that the car was intended for, or found suitable for. This excludes any series for outdated, historic, classic or otherwise. The intention was to include only those races that were included in any international Sports Car or Single Seater Championship, or those races which count as spiritual predecessors to those, or major races that have the same rules for entries, and therefore the same or similar participants. Cars are included in this list if they have been seen at least once in one of the races included here, or if they are of the same limited production series, from which several cars are included. Any races included here which do not fall under those rules are either accidentally, erroneously, included, or serve to help to better identify the cars in question. Or I just happen to like them.

Then there is the question of copyright. Who actually owns the truth? This is not a compilation of creative work, but a compilation of facts, that can be found through many sources. The real creator of the facts will be the licensing office who issued a license number to a certain car. After that it is just the fact of noticing the truth and writing it down. The only case of creativity outside the licensing office would be when somebody makes up a fake history for a car or a license plate. So if something like that is found (unintentionally of course) in these files, I will be glad to remove it. But maybe that is not the idea of creating a fake history?

Well, enough legalese. Please go back to the site proper to enjoy it all.

Last update: 13-04-2014
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